Refer the Home page for Project Description, which outlines the details of this tool. Here, I will talk about
the technical / usage details of the project. This tool is built using .Net AD APIs (found in System.DirectoryServices.AccountManagement assembly) and the User Group web service for the AD
version and the User Group and the People web services (native) of SharePoint. Since its a client based
utility, it can be run from any Windows machine (which has .Net 3.5 or higher). It exposes a config file
which captures the following details, as key value pair.

Key: SITE_URL. For this, enter a valid site URL, where the taxonomy columns are part of. Also, ensure,
you have access to the site.
Key: UserDetailLogName. For this, the value has to be name of the CSV file to be generated as output.

As soon as you launch the exe, it will prompt you for a user name, then Password (don't worry, it is
masked) and then the domain name (press Enter, after you enter each detail). As soon as you are done
entering the domain and hit enter key, a message saying "Starting to get invalid users from the site."
shows on the console. Please wait until the utility completes execution, which will be confirmed by the
message "Completed getting invalid users from the site." on the console. That is it. The CSV file gets
generated in the same directory, as that of the utility. The following columns will be in the CSV file.
ID, Name, Login Name and Email. In fact, this information is configured in the config file of the exe.

For the Active Directory based version, use the executable and source code from the AD folder.
For the non Active Directory version (using all Web services), use the executable and source code from
the WS folder.

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